Three Things You Should Know For An Agent On Camera Shoot

by Jeremy Blair
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I truly love the collaborative process and seeing projects through from inception to completion. It is one of the main ingredients to what fuels my passion for the Real Estate and Travel industries. For over a decade I have shoot and edited thousands of videos. It has been through my experience that in every situation big and small, if a production does not go well it has to do directly one of three problem areas. I have experienced nothing but enjoyable, smooth productions and satisfied clientele when making these three things a priority.

Before we briefly jump into these core issues, I would like to address something  I feel is very important. I would hope your production needs are carried out by The Luxury Level, but certainly understand the factors surrounding something that is a representation of who you are and what you convey to your target audience. This leads into what I feel is our first of the three equally important issues to address.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team
Phil Jackson

Choosing Creatives & Collaborators

When choosing creatives, I suggest going into a search with the mindset of adding new members your team. You want to be able to not only like their work and what they create professionally but you also need to vibe with them as well. I think overlooking this is a mistake many agents make early on and should be spoken about much more and I will in greater detail much more in the future.

It is fundamental to your personal brand and growth to have consistence across the board. You should be able to use your teams work and website in your own marketing needs, showing your potential clientele the peoples work and what they can expect is incredibly powerful. Surround yourself with a team that is responsive. Allowing your team to get back to you within same day when scheduling. So many times, we get a call to schedule, a message is left, and we respond within 30 minutes to an hour and the agent has already booked another “vendor”. There needs to be patience, communication, and collaborative teamwork. This will build consistency in quality and continuity within your brand which which ultimately leads to growth.

If you can find and collaborate with a production team that cares as much as you do about the industry you are in, then consider yourself a very luck person. Building out your marketing infrastructure around a dependable production team for content creation and assets is incredibly powerful. Of course, you have other your company recourses and marketing assets to draw from. Ultimately this is about you standing out in the field, getting exposure and extending your reach. Do not shortchange yourself. You could have an Academy Award winning director on the team, but if you do not get along and vibe with them collaboratively it is 100 percent going to show on camera. 

The Equipment Needed


It is important to make sure to ask the production team what they intend on using in terms of sound to record audio. Be sure to inquire about lav mics and push for that first. If not a lav mic, then a profession quality shotgun mic will be sufficient. Be sure to inquire about backup audio equipment i.e., an additional lav, shotgun mic, extra batteries.  Lastly on sound, don’t be afraid to ask to listen to a playback of the track to make sure you are happy with the quality.

As for film equipment, photography gear and drones. This is totally going to be covered at another time in greater detail. I do however have some great advice for this. Be sure to do your research. Better yet, have them do it for you. Be sure to ask the production team or individual to send you work examples. In general, you need to ask for a “reel” for video and a “portfolio” for photography.


Checking work history for your creative team is super important for you to get a sense of their overall style, ability, and overall professionalism. Look at their website, social media (for sure) and don’t be afraid to ask for specific examples of their work that relates to what you are wanting to have done in your mind. That leads us into our third and final core issue that if addressed up front almost cements a great production.

Pre-Production Planning and Preparedness

Proper planning will ensure a smooth project and save time. This is not as hard of a process as your brain might tell you. Do not allow yourself to talk yourself out of doing something   You would be shocked at the amount of people that are completely unprepared and believe they can just wing something and be quick. Well, fact is that works about .02 percent of the time. It is monumentally important to have a full (pre-production) meeting on things like cameras, lighting, hours needed, wardrobe, locations, time of day to shoot and of course the infamous script. Let’s talk about that a bit more in detail.

There are many reasons why writing down what you are going to say is important. I am going to cover a few things about doing so that are essential. I would highly suggest not trying to memorize everything you have written word for word. Through my experience the camera picks up on insecurities, doubt and second guessing. If you are trying to remember what you wrote how are you paying attention to your audience and connecting with them?  How are you being genuine and sincere? The entire goal of making a promotional video is to show your clientele that you are relatable, trustworthy, competent, professional and you can throw fun in as well. 

Finally, I want to impress upon you the absolute fun there is in this process. Embrace the opportunity you have created for yourself and don’t not allow yourself to be apart of the entire process. I challenge all of you to be vulnerable and take risks when doing this. You wont be disappointed. 

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