Architectural Vs Real Estate Photography

by Carsten Schertzer
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The type of photography you choose to showcase your listing could have a huge impact on how fast you sell it. In real estate, there are two types of photography: architectural and real estate. 

Traditionally, real estate photography is what you are going to see most of the time. However there is a growing trend to incorporate architectural photography in higher end listings to help and distinguish your property from the dozens of others listed on zillow. What’s the difference? As an agent how do you choose what style is right for your listing? We’ve put together a helpful, quick reference guide on what the difference is between these two styles and when you should opt for one over the other. Let’s get into it! 

Same, same but different

Real estate photography is less artistic and focuses on getting out as many images and angles of your listing as possible, showcasing every room of the home. A real estate photographer uses an ultra-wide-angle lens to try and show as much space as possible. In short, The goal of traditional real estate photography is to sell the home.

On the flip side, architectural photography features tighter angles, and a more artistic approach to showing a listing. Typically, architectural photography takes more time than real estate photography and produces less images. However creates a more engaging and exciting set of images that will prompt a stronger reaction from the viewer. The goal of architectural photography is to tell a story or create emotion within its viewer. To create a sense of being within the image. Architectural photography does a much better job as selling the idea and feeling of what it would be like to live in the home, rather than just what the home is. 

Real estate photography will always have a place in the real estate industry, as it is the most practical way to digitally showcase a home, however there has been a growing interest in architectural photography to help sell higher end homes that require more than just wide angle shots. 

So, which one do I need?

It depends! We know, “it depends” is not a satisfying answer. You need to consider your listing, the clientele you are trying to target, and your client’s goals. If the home you’re listing has a unique room or feature you want to showcase, architectural photography may be able to bring that to life. 

Higher end listings, or listings above $2,000,000 could greatly benefit from architectural photography to help them stand out from other listings and create a sense of being to the viewer. 

In addition, if your listing is ultra-luxury then you are targeting a different clientele and are telling a different story. Architectural photography can make ultra-luxury listings pop off the page in a way that traditional real estate photography cannot.  

At the end of the day, if you are looking to stand out and showcase your property in a different light then you’ll want to hire a photographer who has strong skills in both architectural and real estate photography so that they can draw from both disciplines to create strong images to best show off your new listing. 

How do I choose the right architectural photographer?

When choosing your photographer, you will want to narrow down your options and then interview each photographer. Talk to your photographer about your goals for the property, and make sure to ask to see their portfolio! 

If you like what you see and the photographer understands your vision, it’s time to get your photo shoot scheduled. 

Our team of real estate photography professionals specialize in architectural and real estate photography, we believe in trying to give you the best of both worlds. If you are considering architectural photography for your Los Angeles area listing, give us a call today. We can’t wait to work with you. 

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