Elevating Your Personal Brand Using Quailty Content

by Carsten Schertzer
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“How to I stand out?” That’s the common question real estate agents ask themselves. How do I stand out among a sea of faces, offering the same services, with the same tag line? How do I get customers to choose me over the competition? The answer is easy! 

An elevated personal brand. Customers want to work with the best agent, and your personal brand is a large part of proving to potential customers that you’re the best.  Real estate is visual, and real estate video and photography are central to an elevated personal brand. Beautiful real estate photos and videos make listings stand out, and in turn, will make you stand out from the pack. 

Real Estate Photography? That’s the key? 

Yes! Think of real estate photography as your first introduction to your customers. It’s your first impression! In a market as crazy as this one, real estate agents are a dime of dozen. Agents that spend the time and money to get great photos, stand out from those that skimp in this area! Did you know that “86% of home buyers state that listing photography is the #1 reason they decide to view a home?”

We’ve all seen the blurry, unfocused listing photo. Our eyes glaze over, and we scroll on by. Consciously or subconsciously, customers are taking note of the agents that willingly market homes with less than stellar photos. 

When you invest in real estate photography, you not only market your listing, but you also market yourself to potential sellers. By investing in top-of-the-line real estate photography, you can show up to a listing appointment with proof that you take selling your client’s biggest asset seriously. 

Real Estate Videos, too? It’s a must if you want more clients

Thanks to the pandemic, real estate video has boomed. Now more than ever, real estate video sells more listings. Elevate your personal brand and capture more clients by showing them you are on top of the latest trends and can sell their listing faster than any agent on the market. 

After all, video attracts 300% more traffic and 403% more inquiries than listings without video. At the end of the day, homebuyers and home sellers want to work with an agent that uses video. 

If you’re looking for a way to stand out, get to the next level, or work with high-end clients then real estate video is an absolute must. When you invest in quality video, you invest in taking your business to the next level! 

Got a listing coming up? Book your real estate photographer and videographer as soon as possible! 

Quality real estate photography and real estate video will take your business to the next level. Get your property off the market faster and win listing appointments, every time with quality photos and video.  Implementing these two steps in your business will help you conquer your real estate market. Give our team a call today to schedule real estate photography and real estate video for your Los Angeles area listings. 

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