As an agent, you know that good real estate photography can make your listings stand out and sell faster. Selling a listing faster is ideal for both you and your client. Your client gets to move on to their next adventure, and you get your commission check! However, selling faster doesn’t always mean top-dollar. 

Are you asking yourself if there is a way to sell your client’s home fast and get top dollar? You can, with staging! We’ve put together the top three reasons every agent needs to stage their next listing. 

#1 – Staging helps your real estate photography stand out

You’ve already made the great first step in hiring a professional real estate photographer. It’s an investment! Why not go the extra mile and elevate your listing photos with professional staging?  

Staging gives your listing a professional look. Not only that, but staging can hide the flaws of your listing and draw the potential buyer’s eye away from the less attractive parts of a home. 

Does your listing have less than stellar base boards? Perhaps the wood floor or carpet need an upgrade, or the window trim looks dated. Professional staging can minimize all of these things. These imperfections aren’t so important in the long run, but that may cause a potential buyer to pass over the listing.  

At the end of the day, professional staging can give an older home a brand new, move-in ready look. 

#2 – Professional staging helps potential buyers imagine themselves in the home

When you opt to professionally stage a listing, it helps a potential buyer imagine themselves in the home. If your listing is furnished, opting for professional staging, removes the current owner’s presence. When a buyer is touring an occupied, staged home, they won’t feel like they’re intruding in someone else’s private space. 

Did you know that professional stagers can utilize your client’s furniture and decoration? Your client won’t have to move their furniture to storage! A professional stager will re-arrange the, already existing furniture and add a few pieces to really transform the home. 

If your listing is vacant, you absolutely need to hire a professional stager. As an experienced agent, you know that a vacant home doesn’t stand out in photographs, and it’s hard to sell. Without furniture or affects in the home, a potential client has a harder time imagining themselves living there. You can easily bring a vacant home to life with a professional stager. 

#3 – Professional staging sells the home faster AND for top dollar [H2]

Staging can produce an average 1000 percent return on investment. Not only that, but professional staged homes spent 72% less time on the market. You may be asking yourself why this is important because homes are on and off the market in just a few days!

Selling quickly isn’t the only reason to stage a house, selling for top-dollar is another benefit of staging. In fact, staged homes sell for 1-17% more than an un-staged home. You know what selling more means! More commission and happy clients. Happy clients = more referrals! 

Personally guarantee a higher return on investment for your clients by offering a professional staging option. When you hire us as your real estate photographer for your Los Angeles area listings, we can connect you with some of the best staging professionals in the business. Make more in commission in 2022, by prioritizing staging and real estate photography in every one of your new listings!

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