Using Content To Stand Out In The Luxury Real Estate Market

by Carsten Schertzer
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When you’re listing luxury properties and working with high-net worth people, the real estate market is a little different. Luxury buyers are all over the United States and the world. They aren’t focusing their home searches locally. 

And luxury buyers are busy! They are looking everywhere, and they don’t have the time to view every house in person. The more media you can include in your listing, the better chance you have of catching a luxury buyer’s eye! If you can give the buyer a peek into what it will be like to live at the property, without leaving their office, you’ve won! 

How exactly do you go about creating an experience through a computer screen? By utilizing multiple real estate photography services! We’ve put together the top four real estate photography services that every luxury listing should incorporate 

# 1 – Photo

Real estate photography is a no-brainer. Every luxury listing should have multiple photos of each room. It may be helpful to have your real estate photographer take pictures of any view areas and the neighborhood to help the buyer imagine themselves looking out at the ocean, hills, or walking to the coffee shop on the corner. 

#2 – Video 

Video is a great way to get a feel for a property. Even better, you can add music to a video to illicit more emotion and make the viewer a little more attached to the property than they would be without.

The real estate photographer you use should be able to take videos of the property as an add-on to their listing package. Did you know that 80 percent of users will watch a video, and have 57 percent more confidence in their purchase with video?

Video is ideal for luxury buyers who don’t have the time to visit the property in person. When you add video to your listing marketing, buyers are more likely to view your listing over others and they’re more likely to be more confident in the purchase! 

Video can include drone footage, a walk-through of the features of the home, and so much more. Drone footage is a great way to showcase the exterior of a property. Drone shots can capture views but also any outside amenities. Giving buyers the whole picture of the property will push them to offer on your listing over others that don’t provide the same type of service. 

#3 – Floorplans

A floorplan seems like a small thing to include in a luxury listing package, but it’s actually very important! A floor plan will give buyers an idea of how large or small rooms are. A luxury buyer will immediately be able to tell if the space works for them or not based on the floor plan. 

In addition, many luxury buyers want to change the layout and floorplan to make it their own. Having a floorplan readily available will allow the potential buyer to send the floor plan to their contractor and get a jump on renovations. 

#4 – Virtual tours

Number four on our list is a virtual tour. A virtual tour allows a potential buyer to immerse themselves in the luxury home and really get a feel for what it will be like to take business calls in the office, or head down to the kitchen for a late-night snack. 

Remember what we said about luxury real estate buyers? They aren’t always local! A virtual tour is a great way to show a remote buyer the listing. After all, $77.9 billion of real estate volume in 2018 and 2019 was thanks to foreign buyers. 

Luxury buyers want simplicity. They want everything in one spot. Providing potential buyers with a virtual tour option will push them over the edge to offering on your listing over others! 

Incorporating these four elements into your listing package will not only attract more listings but will also catch the eye of more buyers. You’ll be able to show your high-end clients that you know what it takes to garner the attention of high-net-worth buyers. Talk to your local real estate photographer about incorporating these four elements into your next listing. 

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